What is Public Relations?

What is Public Relations?

The field of public relations is defined as “the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person”

But what does that mean? 

Publicists act as an intermediary between our clients and the media, customers, influencers and other brands to raise positive awareness about our client and their brand.

What do publicists do?

       Publicists work with companies or individuals to define their brand

       We tell their “story” to the media by carefully crafting well-written statements on their behalf. Our clients’ stories are uniquely their own and we work to differentiate them from their competitors.  

       Publicists “pitch” you to the press. We develop short essays and write articles about our clients to present to the media. We spend our days targeting, meeting, and emailing editors, journalists and influencers to inform them about our clients. Public relations firms spend our time building relationships with media, so they will include our clients in magazine articles, television segments, and product round-ups.

       PR agencies work with key influencers (bloggers, socialites, celebrities), to raise the public profile of our clients. We craft relationships and programs between our clientele and these influencers to effectively to drive third party validation, leverage brand awareness

       Publicists develop events for the press and public. We put on fashion shows, host media dinners, and create launch events to spread the word about new products or services.